Sign of Contradiction Blu-ray
Sign of Contradiction Blu-ray


Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, of the Ministry of the Wild Goose, and 4PM Media present Sign of Contradiction. This film is about a sinner and a saint who was on a lifelong journey animated by grace. St.Please let me know what else I need to do in this regard.  Francis of Assisi was a real person with real struggles, temptations, and doubts. He was a disciple, perhaps, the greatest disciple. 


Francis is known as a lover of peace and of nature, and this is true. But he also went against all social norms. All that the world said would lead to happiness, he abandoned for something else, something more. It wasn’t until he encountered Christ that darkness and confusion were replaced with light and peace. 


His life was marked by an unwavering openness to the Holy Spirit and a deep call to live penance.


Our hope is for those who watch the film to be inspired by the life of St. Francis and desire to live for God as he did, as a Sign of Contradiction.


*This DVD is intended for in home and small group use. If you would like to host a community screening event to help spread the mission of the Wild Goose and inspire others in the broader community to live as St. Francis, please follow this link to request a screening-

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